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What We Do!

Mad Jet 7 is a daughter and mother owned LLC: a fusion of science/art created with our idea of “candy with a cause”. Our first mission is to bring you delicious candies packaged in creative tin cans that can be re-used for all sorts of cool things. Every time you look at one of our originally designed cans you can be reminded that your purchase helped support a worthy cause. Mad Jet partners with various non-profits in the arts and sciences so that a portion of our profits help sustain causes we (and you!) believe in. We work with local artists to develop original designs that are fun, creative, and high energy. Each design reminds us how important it is to give to our communities in times when funds for scientific research and the public arts are increasingly more difficult to get.

Have a non-profit you are passionate about? We want to hear from you! We will partner with them to help you help them.

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Kids Creating For A Cause

On April 23, 2016, Mad Jet 7 was proud to partner with Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation and The Children’s Cancer Hospital at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to bring awareness to childhood cancer and to help fund pediatric cancer researchYoung people with cancer are faced with a future they never planned, and these organizations created a unique partnership to help inspire creativity as a means of self-expression for children with cancer and their families. The group visited the Graffiti and Street Art Museum of Texaswhere each participant received a personal lesson from renowned street artist GONZO247, then created and produced an art piece with their own design on a vintage record

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Creating For A Cause